This is us. At The InnBetween we are a large group of people collectively working on our ideas, visions, and community. These drive and inspire us anew every single day. But beyond our team, we love all the many people participating, volunteering, and helping out where needed.

Petra Kai Körmendy

University Chaplain

Petra joined The InnBetween at the time that it moved from Tafelstraat to Capucijnenstraat in 2015.

In her function as university chaplant, she does counselings, weekly meditation events, kirtan, and Taizé prayer.

University Chaplain

We are currently looking for a new pastor to join our team.


Office Manager

Sehrish works behind the scenes, is in contact with the board and sponsors, does administration, and coordination.

Jean-Shelia & Chiara


Jean-Shelia and Paula are The InnBetween's PR Managers. They advertise events, stay in contact with our partner organisations, and share our work on social media.

Nathalie Ummels

Co-Coordinator Refugee Project

As RPM co-coordinator, Nathalie takes care of many team leaders of various RPM volunteering groups and unites new directions RPM is heading into.

Doing so, she is still closely involved in The InnBetween.

Szilvia Fehérvári

Co-Coordinator Refugee Project Maastricht

Szilvi works closely with RPMs event leaders and team captains in creating many of RPMs events.

Doing so, she is still closely involved in The InnBetween.


Benedikt, Naomi and Stavroula

Wide Horizons

On Wednesday nights the student board members run events on topics surrounding our core interests: Social Responsibility, Spirituality, Sustainability, Science, and Arts & Culture.

Benedikt is our Chairperson, Naomi our Treasurer, and Stavroula our Secretary.



Growth events happen on Sundays every two weeks on a wide range of topics. With an open mind, one can truly experience growth.