Multi Date Event

Mid-week Meditation

Price: 0.00

Multi Date Event

Kirtan Singing Circle

Price: 0.00

Multi Date Event

Taizé Evening Prayer

Price: 0.00

Multi Date Event

Monday Morning Meditation

Price: 0.00

Multi Date Event

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

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Monday Morning Meditation
Start your week with a clear mind.

Mondays, 9.30 am

Professional afternoon stress-relieve.
Tuesdays, 4 pm

Mid-Week Meditation
A moment of peace midway through the week.

Wednesdays, 12 pm

Weekly vegetarian dinners and great discussions.

Thursdays, 6.30 pm

Learn, socialize, and personal Growth.

Every two weeks; Sundays

Reading Circle
Discuss with us a relevant book over a cup of tea.

Every two weeks; Mondays, 6 pm

Spiritual Singing Circle (Kirtan)
Reflective songs from different traditions.

Every two weeks; Tuesdays, 7 pm

Taizé Prayer
Chanting and praying in the St. Servaas Chapel.

Wednesdays, 6 pm

Paradigm-Shifts and Popcorn
Watching documentaries and discuss for change.

Every two weeks; Mondays, 6 pm

Wide Horizons
Lectures, workshops, and more about all our passions.

Most Wednesdays, 7 pm



Home. The InnBetween strives to be a second home for students in Maastricht. A place to eat, study, meet, be together, play games, share your life. The InnBetween aims to be an open-minded community that brings people from different backgrounds together.

Here’s our story. Spirituality is our core business. The InnBetween is rooted in Christianity. This means for us that we first listen to others, and then speak about ourselves. It means that we want to give students a place to be themselves and nothing else.