Spirituality can be a source of hope and recreation, it can be found in every action and in every word. At The InnBetween we celebrate spirituality by singing and by praising the divine. We warmly invite you to join kirtan circles and Taizé prayers, yoga and meditation.

Share with us your personal experiences with spirituality, let’s discuss books and stories, and create collective moments in retreats. Await with us the powerful times of Easter and Christmas in Advent/ures and vigils.

Good body-mind health is important for a life in balance. Both yoga and meditation have proven to facilitate a stable connection to oneself. And feel invited to stay for a chat over a cup of coffee or tea afterwards!

For many, guided meditation serves as a solid basis to a regular practice. At The InnBetween, we offer these multiple times a week. Shortly after the start of each semester, a beginner’s course commences in which over multiple weeks the basics of meditation are learned and experiences are shared.

Spirituality is at our core. And love invents us.